Monday, 11 March 2013

Welcome Blog Family

Hey everyone! Welcome to Back to Blogland! I wanted to explain a few things so as to avoid misunderstandings and to make sure everyone will feel welcomed and comfortable here.  Face it; we all despite our differences have many wonderful things in common. The first is Derek Landy and the amazing Skulduggery Pleasant. We had a great time chatting on Derek’s blog and then a great time on some of the chats that have been around. Some of us have moved to FB, twitter, Skype and other places. All these are great. But they also have their limitations. Epic conversations can never be re-read or people who come later have not been able to participate.

On this blog, I hope that we can meet here and chat and whoever comes while we are chatting or later can still join in: even when we are gone. They can leave messages and that way we will never lose touch with one another. Maybe even we can all find a time to be on all at once like we used too. In the end, we can once again have fun and be random, supportive, encouraging, and inspire one another in our dreams and goals, in our writings art, poetry, and being Nerdfighers (among other things.) :D

Again, this blog is not meant to replace any of the meeting places I have listed above and definately not meant to replace Derek’s. I know I will always try to leave messages there and to meet and enjoy the newer people there.

This is for the friends who met there and some of the newer bloglanders to meet the older bloglanders (and them the newer ones), no one feeling lost or left out again.  Please make an effort to try it out. *is begging* XD

I love you all and need you to always be my blog family.

*hugs everyone tightly*